We were approached by Malmesbury Cricket Club to help with the cost of adding a new net facility at their ground. They had already raised a good proportion of the funds themselves, and were looking to complete the fundraising and rebuild in time to benefit the players in the current season. Malmesbury cricket club is a hugely well supported organisation within the town, and has an active and growing youth section, with coaching sessions and schemes aimed at increasing the numbers and quality of participation at the club. This has been achieved, with the club doubling their youth members over the last few years.

Although the project was not solely for the use of the youth element, the trustees felt that the impact would be significant for the quality of coaching being made available to the younger members of the club, and so approved their application for a £2000 grant. Their application was enhanced greatly by their pledge to proactively embrace and support a road safety charity following the death of one of their young stars in a car accident, of whose legacy will now live on and help others.

Malmesbury Cricket Club is grounded in its community. Two adult sides play on Saturdays and Sundays but the real growth in the last decade has come from its youth section which numbers over 100 boys and girls from the ages of 5 to 18. The Club is very grateful to the Ashley Scrivens Foundation for donating funds to help us complete some much needed artificial practice facilities for young and old alike and hope that we can continue to fulfil our role in a way that matches the goals of the Foundation. – Malmesbury Cricket Club